I think most of you have heard the statement “Business cards are outdated”, “Business cards belong to the past” or some other version. Are they really useless? We don’t believe so. Printing technologies nowadays are on such a high level that the most limiting thing is designer’s mind or client’s budget. It’s awesome to live in a time where you can make almost anything that you have designed.


Business cards are even more important now than they were 10-15 years ago.

Why? How much contact information did you have to share 15 years ago? You phone number and maybe your e-mail address. Nowadays there is office phone, cell phone, e-mail address, website address, even multiple social media accounts, quite a lot, right? Businesses face even stiffer competition nowadays and standing out is crucial for survival and success. Have a look at the cards below and tell me that they won’t grab attention and won’t make the business stand out.

St. John's Ink Business Cards by Andrew Power

St. John’s Ink Business Cards by Andrew Power

Business Card by Tom Lane

Business Card by Tom Lane

Photographer's slims:) by Couple In The Shuttle

Photographer’s slims:) by Couple In The Shuttle


Non-obvious business card advantages

Standing out is awesome but what if I told you there is more than that?

  1. Faster and smoother information exchange
    Let’s say you have phone number, e-mail and website address that you want to share with someone. Simply giving a card is much faster than manually spelling out each of them. Besides that, you are 100% sure that information is correct which is not always true when it’s been written down by person itself.
  2. Person can choose a way to reach you
    Some people fear talking on the phone, some don’t like to wait when someone replies to their e-mail and like to call straight away. Respect them all. If you are not giving a business card there is a high chance that you are only leaving one way to reach you, usually e-mail or phone. You won’t always be reachable at both, have a backup.
  3. Pretty business card will grab attention
    “What’s that?” your colleague asks about that piece of paper on your desk and you hand over someones business card. Boom! Someone just found out about you and you didn’t have to do anything.
  4. You’ll look successful
    There’s no doubt that someone who looks successful seems to be trustworthy. If you are(look) successful they will be more confident that you will help them become successful too.
  5. Creative business cards are likely to be shared with others
    People love to share awesome things with others, why couldn’t it be your business card? Again – you have to do nothing, others are doing you a great favor.
  6. Business cards with additional functionality
    You are a photographer? Have the photo you’ve taken on the business card or even have a USB drive like in an example above. Coach? Have a space where a person can write down their goals. You can show before/after of something? Do it!


Do you still think that business cards belong to the past?