People call us “Digital marketing agency”. We think of ourselves as an investment bankers who use digital marketing as a tool to get the best returns for our clients. All of our services work like any other investment – new manufacturing equipment, employee training, you name it. You expect it to bring back more money than you have spent. Seems plain and simple, but we’ve been at the other coast of the ocean too, where short-term thinking was king.  We are still having flashbacks from our previous agencies, where “client was always right” and you just had to make the requested changes without having a chance to explain why it would hurt his business. It created a loop – final work used to turn out terrible hurting client’s business(less ongoing work for agency) and agencies portfolio – no one wanted to work with someone producing low quality solutions.

“Don’t burn your oportunities for a temporary comfort”

We are egoists, we care about your business being successfull because it just works in our favour. When your business is successful we will get more work from you and you will reccommend us to others. When your business reaches great results from our work we can shamelessly brag about it – in the end it’s all about results. And it’s so much better working with someone you have history with than someone new. Well, isn’t these enough reasons to make sure that we really give a shit about your business?


„It’s easy to stand out in any industry if you simply give a shit about the folks who are giving you money.” – Paul Jarvis