If your work/business involves meeting in person with a lot of new people then you’re most likely leaving them your contact info. There are different ways of doing it, but despite people talking about how business cards are outdated, we still believe that handing out business cards are still the best and most efficient way to do it. Here’s why:

  1. It’s fast and effortless.
    How much energy does it take to take the business card out of your pocket? None. And now imagine someone searching for a piece of paper where to put down the info, and then you’re spelling e-mail, website, phone number, plus there is a high chance that something will be written wrong.
  2. It leaves all the info.
    When you’re leaving your contact information manually, you will most likely leave only one way to contact you, while on business card you will have all of them. Why is this important? Not everyone likes to communicate in the same way – some people(me included) like to communicate over e-mail and even have an anxiety when they have to call someone, but some are not so patient and like to call. If you leave them all the contact information the chance of them contacting you increases.
  3.  Beautifully designed business card grabs attention.
    If your potential client has your business card laying on their desk, it must grab their attention! Once they see it, they will take it in their hands and scan it. What a surprise – it has your website on it, they will visit it and then it’s up to you to convert the visitor into a costumer. Also if you see a nice business card laying on your colleague’s table – you will lurk at it, won’t you?
  4. Your business card represents you.
    You want to look careless? Then keep on trucking with your brutally outdated business card. Have a professional business card design and you’ll look professional yourself.


These are the cards that we’ve designed. They grab attention, they look professional, they have all the info needed. Perfect combination.









Your business card is outdated or you don’t have one? We’ll change it!