Lawn care made easy

LawnTasker is a lawn care company, offering it’s services in Madison, WI, USA. They make taking care of your lawn effortless – 100% online booking, cashless payment and flat fee for all lawn care services. They found us to be a good fit for their landing page design.

Best practice landing page design

For each landing page we design, we follow guidelines strictly.

  1. It must be clear what your service/product is in the first seconds, we stated it super clear in the header.
  2. Essential information (pricing, services, how it works) should be found effortlessly, they are always on the navigation.
  3. Landing page should answer all the questions that might appear in visitor’s mind, frequently asked questions is a great solution for this.
  4. Landing page should address fears, wants and desires of a visitor, these were addressed through whole landing page.
  5. If you want something, from someone, offer something for them. This time it was a discount in exchange for an e-mail.


And all the content complemented with a visually appealing design



Designed to look good on all devices