In January, 2016 the World Rallycross fantasy league idea was born by us – big rallycross fans. After doing some research, we found only one World rallycross fantasy league, which looked pretty shabby. With big WRC names joining World rallycross championship, it’s popularity is growing rapidly, so we thought that it’s a great chance for us and got down to work!

Rule design

None of us had previously played in any kind of fantasy league, we took a few days to learn how other fantasy leagues work. Then we started to work on our own rules, the biggest challenge was to balance point count for those who join mid-season, because who doesn’t want to win overall standings? In less than a week we had a full list of rules with an intention to adjust them when the league gets some traction.



Flow and visual layer

When the set of rules were done, it was time to plan out the whole flow of the website and create a visual style which would appeal to a typical rallycross fan. Oh sweet memories, it was one sweeeeet job for our designer(a huge car and rallycross lover). Well, we figured that nothing will beat race day vibe throughout the website, so we used large background images from rallycross events in various website sections.



Custom icons were designed



Attention grabbing “call to action” sections




Various UI elements



Sponsor search

After design was done, we had something to show. Something to show for potential sponsors/partners/supporters. And that’s were project saw a dead end. After some sponsors had declined us, we received an answer from FIA World RX, they declined sponsorship and told us that they already have an official deal with an upcoming fantasy league… We were short on resources and it would really tough to compete with a league who has FIA World RX support, we decided to stop this project at least for now. We’ll see how their fantasy league turns out and if we’ll see how we can be better we are ready to come back at full power!